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Radenska, as we like to say, is a matter of the heart. Perhaps we ought to say courage of the heart. Courage of the heart that would not give the visionary physician Karl Henn peace of mind until he first tapped the waters of renowned »bublja«. Courage of the heart that guided his successors in further exploiting and establishing Radenska’s mineral water. And courage of the heart of all the employees in Radenska’s 140-year history, without whom Radenska would not have been able to achieve the global renown it enjoys today.

Radenska is today a globally renowned company, capable of responding rapidly to changes and trends. It transforms nature’s untainted wealth into commercial products of the highest quality. A quality that is not coincidental, rather, the result of the joint efforts of those whose goal it is to meet the growing demands of the market.

Our business – bottling and marketing natural mineral and spring waters and non-alcoholic beverages – depends heavily on the careful management of the environment. And it is we who live off nature’s untainted resources that are most aware of their value. And because we realise that our springs are a natural treasure, we go to great efforts to preserve and protect them.

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