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  • October 30, 2019

We are Keskinoğlu.

Breakfast to lunch, afternoon snack to dinner; we produce the chicken and eggs you can consume to your heart’s content.

For half a century, we have been guests of your table, sharing your lives, and hope to continue for years to come.

We believe that a meal is not just food. It is a conversation, it is fun, it is happiness, and it is to feel good.

A meal… is the most delicious feeling.


We are synonymous with delicious and trustworthy.

We, as Keskinoğlu, are a brand dedicated to providing a rich nutrition. We believe that a better life is possible for both the people and the world in general through our vision of sustainable food production. As such, we employ our ethical working principles as the base to any and all of our activities. Our philosophy is clear: Product the highest quality food, and thus protect and enrich our consumers’ physical and mental health.

We are a worldwide brand, active in 75 countries.

As a 100% Turkish brand, we are proud to have proven our expertise in chicken and egg production in international markets. Today, you can see the Keskinoğlu brand in millions of kitchens in 75 countries worldwide.


Discover an endless possibility of flavors!

We aim for the highest point in food safety, combining everything under one roof, all processed fully integrated and automated, whether it is feed production, or egg production. A 100% Turkish brand, we are proud to have proven our proficiency and expertise in chicken meat and egg production. And our greatest happiness is that we are constantly carrying the Keskinoğlu taste to millions of kitchens in 75 countries all around the world.

With a range of almost 200 products, we are a source of deliciousness and happiness. We are product to provide the same quality in every package, with the Keskinoğlu deliciousness developed by our food engineers and master chefs.

If you want to turn meals into fun events while at the same time having a rich and balanced diet, we are tirelessly working on providing you the best with our varieties of chicken meat and eggs.