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Liridoni is a top distributor in the industry and has established strong partnerships with major brands in the food, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverage sectors. This enables Liridoni to provide its customers with top-notch brand products, maintaining its leading position in the market.


Bosna Halal Food

Bosna Halal Food produces its products in both the Netherlands and Germany and offers a range of items including sausage, cured beef, and dried beef.

Melisa’s Farm  

Melisa’s Farm is known for its high-quality meat products made from locally sourced ingredients using traditional techniques. The brand offers a range of meat products including prosciutto, salami, and cured meats.


Hana Gold is the international brand of canned chicken. With proven quality in more than 50 countries around the world, the HANA brand offers safe and tasty products. The special feature of HANA Gold products is the high composition with 86% meat. It is the number 1 brand in Turkey in the chicken risk category.
The distribution of products from this brand is carried out by LIRIDONI with great dedication and care.

Sheqer Kristal

Crystal sugar is a product of LIRIDONI Distribution. With a long tradition, the production of Kristal sugar is done with modern and advanced methods. The brand has a large distribution and the quality of the product has already been proven. Available on the market in 900g, 4kg, 5kg and 50kg packaging.

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